While we are a company that specializes in helping seniors and their families find and evaluate the best senior living option for their unique case, many feel that the consulting part of that service is a necessary and extremely valuable part of the process. 

For that reason we offer the consulting portion of the service separate from placement services for those who may not be ready for the move but need to understand how it all works and how best to prepare for the day when it is required. 

This consulting service is not a computer generated, cookie cutter program but instead is designed to be specific to the circumstances of each individual client. It will save you a great deal of time, reduce the financial risk and, most of all, enable you to make a better decision on behalf of a loved one or for yourself.

We make it all very easy and risk free…

  • The fee for up to 2 hour consulting session is $56.50.
  • If, in your opinion, the service fails to meet your expectations the entire fee will be waived.
  • We are uniquely qualified to assist with this complex and often difficult decision. 
  • We have vast experience working with nearly 400 communities from Castle Rock to Longmont.
  • Our only bias is what is in the interest of our senior client. 
  • Our experience enables us to understand what seniors are going through and what they need.
  • We have helped over 1000 seniors and their families over the last 7+ years.
  • We are not a franchise, we are locally owned and you will be meeting with the company owner.

steve-andrewsFamilies are sometimes reluctant to act, seniors can understandably be resistant and the money concerns haunt nearly everyone going through this transition. For us at SeniorPath, this is a very rewarding service and while the fee is low, the compliments are high and we have been able to see many families go from anxiety, fear and confusion to being able to develop a plan that makes sense. Appointments run 9:00-11:00, 11:30-1:30 and 2:00-4:00. If I don’t pick up when you call I will return your call between my appointments and answer any questions you may have. I am easy to talk to, I listen well and I promise that you will not think you wasted your time.

          Steve Andrews