Independent Living

Is An Independent Living Facility Right For You?

Independent living facilities are senior living communities that are suited for active seniors who have a desire for the conveniences and social opportunities that go along with community living.

  • When people are burdened with the chores, maintenance and expense of living at home they often seek relief in this lowest level of care which is also the lowest cost of the main senior living categories.
  • This is where people regain their independence and enjoy the great food, housekeeping, entertainment, activities, friends and even transportation that these communities offer.
  • For many, the cost is surprisingly close to what they are paying to live at home and is without the loneliness and boredom that sometimes come with living alone. Seniors don’t live here because they have to; they are here because they want to be here!

Finding the right one for your individual set of circumstances can be confusing, time consuming and stressful. We help you make the best decision possible with convenience and quality advice. After a personal consultation one of our dedicated advisors will work to narrow down the best independent living options for you.

This service is offered without charge to Seniors and their families. Give SeniorPath a call at 303.457.1450

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