About Us

Perhaps The Best Way To Describe What We Are Is To Start With What We Are NOT:

  • We are NOT an internet database which distributes your name to many communities without you knowing who will be calling you.
  • We do NOT own or have any affiliation with any Senior Communities or Senior Care business, insuring our impartiality.
  • We are NOT an internet directory which provides you a list of communities, some information and the contact information for you to call.
  • We are NOT a company who distributes your information to many communities that you do not know.


Here is what we are…

We are a professional, senior housing advisory service which provides personal attention to Seniors and their families.

At your request we are able to offer advice and refer you to a wide range of other professionals who specialize in working with Seniors.

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews —
After many years of being involved with age qualified housing and senior housing it became apparent that Seniors and their families need help in evaluating and choosing among the many options that are available to them. We have built a business that is rewarding for our employees, valuable to our community partners and most important of all, a sought after, useful service for our Seniors and their families.