About Us

Perhaps The Best Way To Describe What We Are Is To Start With What We Are NOT:

  • We are NOT an internet database which distributes your name to many communities without you knowing who will be calling you.
  • We do NOT own or have any affiliation with any Senior Communities or Senior Care business, insuring our impartiality.
  • We are NOT an internet directory which provides you a list of communities, some information and the contact information for you to call.
  • We are NOT a company who distributes your information to many communities that you do not know.


Here is what we are…

We are a professional, senior housing advisory service which provides personal attention to Seniors and their families.

We employ a staff of talented, caring Advisors who have vast experience helping Seniors and their families through this transition. Our Advisors have extensive backgrounds in the Senior Care industry enabling them to understand what Seniors want and need.

At your request we are able to offer advice and refer you to a wide range of other professionals who specialize in working with Seniors. Everyone with SeniorPath lives and works in the Denver Metro Area.

And here’s who we are…

Ginny Davie
Ginny Davie —
Ginny has over a decade experience in all aspects of senior care and has helped countless Seniors find the best living option for their unique needs. She is a warm, caring person armed with a vast knowledge of the market and the aging issues that Seniors face as they get older. This background along with her pleasant, caring personality enables her to be a highly effective resource for those seeking the best possible senior living option for themselves or their loved one.
Becky Dieter
Becky Dieter —
Becky brings a wealth of experience along with an educational background that makes her a gifted resource for Seniors and their families looking for guidance through the aging process. She has a BA, Business Administration, a law degree, and certifications in both Mediation and Life Coaching. When you combine all of that with a caring, easy to work with personality you have someone in a position to be a great help to those trying to make the important Senior Living decisions for themselves or a loved one.
Steve Andrews
Steve Andrews —
After many years of being involved with age qualified housing and senior housing it became apparent that Seniors and their families need help in evaluating and choosing among the many options that are available to them. We have built a business that is rewarding for our employees, valuable to our community partners and most important of all, a sought after, useful service for our Seniors and their families.
Courtney McKibbin
Courtney McKibbin—
Courtney has many years’ experience in healthcare, specializing in senior care. She has a BA degree in Sociology with a concentration in Gerontology , a graduate of the prestigious CSA program and is a certified professional coach. She has been an in-home care giver, Health Center activities director, Hospice volunteer and a Resident Services Coordinator for Assisted Living. That, along with being a care giver and an advocate for grandparents who both suffered with Alzheimer’s disease, has given Courtney the knowledge, compassion and skill to help you find the best senior living option for you or a loved one.