What Are Independent Living Facilities?

Independent living facilities are an alternative to traditional housing, providing seniors who are in good health and maintain a fairly active lifestyle, a senior-focused community featuring specialized accommodation, services, and organized social activities.


Independent living facilities provide seniors with individual living quarters ranging from apartments to houses with shared common spaces and additional facilities. They may be built with or without kitchens. Floor plans are specifically designed with seniors’ needs and comforts in mind. Many facilities also realize those needs may change with time, and therefore, make everything, from the bathtub to the front doorknob, elderly and handicap accessible. In some cases, you have an option to buy your home.

Some facilities are also part of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). A CCRC provides a wide spectrum of care from independent living to full-time, intensive skilled nursing care. Independent living within a CCRC is often chosen when one spouse is healthy and active while the other spouse requires additional, or in some cases, significant medical attention and care. Residing within a CCRC may make it easier to transition from independent living to a more dependent lifestyle without relocating later on.


Many facilities include services like housekeeping, landscaping, laundry, and dining as part of their package. Homes often include modern built-in security and medical alert systems that will immediately notify on-site staff or an outside company when triggered. Some facilities may also allow you to select only the services you require.

In homes without kitchens, a restaurant style dining facility where you eat with others will be available. If your home is equipped with its own kitchen, you can usually choose to cook at home or eat on-site when it suits you. Other useful services commonly available include transportation within your city and on-site facilities such as banks, hair and nail salons, and libraries.

Social Activities & Recreation

Most independent living facilities offer a wide range of social and recreational activities. A designated community center often acts as a hub for both general socializing and organized social activities such as game nights, reading groups, and personal interest classes. Special holiday events and field trips may also be available.

Most facilities also provide access to fitness centers with a swimming pool. You may be able to seek personal fitness and nutrition advice from trainers who are knowledgeable about exercise and healthy eating for the elderly. Daily exercise classes and workouts are frequently offered. If your facility includes a golf course or other specialized recreational facility, you may need to pay an additional monthly or annual membership fee.

Independent living facilities are best suited to seniors who want to reduce the physical and time demands of caring for their home while enjoying an active, healthy, and social lifestyle.





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