What Is Independent Living and Who Would Benefit From It?

What is independent living and who would benefit from it

We have seen many cases where a Seniors are physically and mentally able to care for themselves and live in their own home but lack of exercise, little or no social activity, and a poor diet, contribute to and perpetuate health problems that are largely avoidable. Independent living can help with these factors and more.

There are also high functioning people who drive, cook for themselves and participate in social activities who also choose to live in an Independent Living Community. Why would Seniors who have their home paid off choose to sell it and move to one of these communities?

First let’s define Independent Living…

There are Independent Living Communities that are age qualified (55+) where you rent an apartment but there are no other services. This type of housing appeals to those who are tired of the maintenance and other responsibilities of home ownership but are on a budget that requires them to look for the lowest cost alternative. In some cases Seniors can reduce their expenses compared to living at home even when it’s paid off.

For approximately twice the price of the Senior apartment buildings we mentioned above, Seniors can live a beautiful, safe building without having to worry about the maintenance, snow removal, lawn care and all the other things that go with home ownership. There is also the taxes, utilities, insurance and other costs that must be paid in order to stay in their home. By contrast, the modern Independent Living Communities typically offer the following services that are included in the rent payment:

  • •A meal program
  • •Weekly linen laundry
  • •Transportation to shopping and Dr. appointments
  • •Library, exercise room, chapel
  • •Activities, field trips and parties
  • •Garage parking

We hear so much about how Seniors are better off in their own home but there are those who are much happier not having to deal with the burdens and the cost of home ownership and when they discover the benefits, convenience and security that comes with this new lifestyle they quickly become interested. Some fail to look into this alternative because they fear that the cost will be prohibitive but many find, after they make the comparison, that it is surprisingly affordable.

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