What Is The First Step To Finding An Assisted Living Facility?

finding an assisted living faciltiy

“Where do I start?”

One of the most common things we hear when first consulting with a client is…”I don’t know where to start in finding an assisted living facility…”

It is often the case, that an unexpected event occurs causing the need to transition into an assisted living home. The unexpected event can be anything from sudden memory loss, to loss of mobility, all the way to a serious event such as a fall in the home.

Now, we never wish any of these unexpected events to occur, but we have helped many families deal with these types of situations. There are many aspects to look at when assessing the need to move, and what kind of facility will be best suited for your loved one.

At SeniorPath, we have many years of experience in helping families deal with this transition. If your elder parent has decided to make the transition on their own, or if it is a necessity because of other reasons, we are here to help you with the process.

Questions we hear often:

This can be a stressful time for you and your loved one. You may have questions like:

  • Where do I start in finding an assisted living facility?
  • What level of care is needed?
  • What kind of care is available?
  • How do I know what kind of facility is best?
  • What’s the difference between Independent & Assisted living?

We have resources that can answer these questions, but the reality is that your situation is unique and it is helpful to have a guide to lead you in the right direction. This is where we come in.

The Process for Finding an Assisted Living Facility:

We personally sit down with you and assess your individual situation. We analyze your needs and provide you with options on the best facilities, guidance on the level of care that is needed, possible benefits that can be available, and answer any other questions you may have had. Our job is to take the weight and stress off of your shoulders and help you as much as possible in finding an assisted living facility.

We provide all of our services and consultation at no charge to the Senior or their families. Our objective is enable you to make an informed decision on the very best senior living option for your unique case. We will never pressure you to do anything and we don’t sell anything. We take great pride in the relationships that we build with our clients.

If you are feeling lost because you don’t know where to start. Or if you just want help in understanding all of the available options for senior care, we are here to help.

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We look forward to hearing from you.




About Senior Path:

We are a professional, senior housing advisory service which provides personal attention to Seniors and their families. We employ a staff of talented, caring Advisors who have vast experience helping Seniors and their families through this transition. Our Advisors have extensive backgrounds in the Senior Care industry enabling them to understand what Seniors want and need.