How long will it take to move my parents into assisted living?

The decision to move to an assisted living can be a difficult one. In some cases, aging parents may decide that they can no longer manage on their own and may ask for help in finding an assisted living facility. In other cases, one or both parents may become physically or mentally incapacitated, and the decision must be decided by the adult children. In either case, deconstructing one household and setting up a new one can take time. The amount of time needed to move your parent or parents into assisted living can vary, depending on a number of individual factors.

Having “The Talk”

The change to assisted living begins with having a frank talk with the aging parents’ about their ability to care for themselves. Many seniors resist the change in circumstance, so it is helpful to take them along when visiting facilities, so that they can get used to the idea and see the many services available for themselves. Gradually, elders generally warm up to the idea of getting more help, and having more social interaction, that assisted living facilities can provide.

Visiting Facilities

After taking a thorough assessment of financial resources, you can begin to make arrangements to visit a number of facilities in your price range. You can expect to take several weeks to ensure that you have a good understanding of the options available for your aging parents.

However, if you choose to work with SeniorPath, we can drastically limit the time it takes to find the right facility by narrowing the choices to only communities which work given your unique circumstances.

Making Arrangements To Move In

After deciding on the facility, you must then sit down with the director of the facility to provide documents and sign agreements. Generally, once you have decided on a center, administrative personnel can help facilitate the process in a few days.

Medical Matters

Your elderly parents’ medical condition may have a bearing on how quickly you can affect a move into an assisted living facility. Many families come to the realization that full-time care is a necessity because of a sudden illness or fall. In these cases, the elder may have to undergo treatment to stabilize the condition before making the move into assisted living. They may have spent time in a skilled nursing facility for a time before moving into the assisted living center. Recovering from illness or injury may add time to the overall moving plan.

Deconstructing the Elder’s Household

The work of deconstructing a household that the elder has lived in for many years can take time. Some items may have to be distributed to other family members, properties may need to be sold and sorting through what can be brought to assisted living and what must be donated or sold can take several weeks.

Moving Day

You can probably move your loved ones into the facility over a day or several days, depending on how many of their personal items are allowed. Enlisting the senior’s opinion on where their possessions should go can be an important part in helping them to feel at home in their new quarters.

A Period of Adjustment

After the move into assisted living, elderly parents may require considerable emotional support to help them adjust to their new living situation. They may feel disconnected and depressed. Frequent visits, news from family members and spending time at the facility to help them feel comfortable attending the center’s amenities may be necessary for weeks, or even months, after the move.

Generally speaking, accomplishing all these tasks can be condensed into a couple weeks or can extend as much as three months. Each family may encounter a number of issues that can affect the length of time it takes to get aging parents comfortably relocated.

At SeniorPath, we provide thorough attention to detail and a compassionate understanding about how traumatic this change can be for your loved one. By utilizing our free guidance and expertise, you can make this process both more timely and more successful, for you and your aging loved one.





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